Single form randomly not submitting for users

We run paid traffic to our gravity forms, and we’ve suddenly been getting comments that it’s “not connecting” or not submitting.

It is only one specific page, one specific form. Based on CrazyEgg videos it looks like sometimes when the user submits it never loads, a little circle animation below the form just spins and spins. We even still get their information, at least sometimes, but for them it never loads. Whenever I test the form, it works fine for me! I don’t know what to do.

Page is Loans for Rental Purchases | Rental Purchase – The Real Estate Funding Experts.

Crazyegg claims there are no javascript errors detected. The host indicated there are no issues they can see. What should I check next?

I tried your form and I was able to replicate the issue.

I see the following error in the console: Screenshot KJO7CcKIzl.png - Droplr

It points to this third-party script: Screenshot T3HDGSrDCR.png - Droplr

The script seems to be for the third-party add-on GP Easy Passthrough, so I would recommend you to contact its developer, Gravity Wiz, for assistance.

Thank you! I’ll look into it

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