Show next field(s) if prior field is filled

I’d like to cascade fields based on whether the prior field has a value in it (any value). In my specific example, the first field is Email. If the user enters an email address, I want the next field to display. Either that or another form…

In Conditional Logic I don’t see that being an option. It appears the only option is based on a specific prior value and not if it’s just filled in.

Any solution to this?

The is not setting with a blank value is your friend for this in most cases.

For some field types such as dropdowns you might to define based on no selections (shown below) or set one row per choice.

Thank you will give this a try!

Is it also possible for conditional logic to check on more than 1 value stored on a CSV for example? So if the email address that’s entered is in the list, expose the next field.

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