Set default value for select on form

Hello, I can’t set a default value for the select element on the form, there is no default value parameter anywhere in the element settings

You set the default choice using the checkmark button, which is located to the left of each choice in the edit choices flyout.

Schedule an Appointment | Renü Acupuncture ( please see link my website, this form is related to gappointments and there is no “checkmark button” on it

If you are using a core field included with Gravity Forms, you’ll find it in the choices flyout, when editing the field in the form editor: Markup 2023-10-13 at 16.34.58.png - Droplr

If you are using a field included by an add-on, you might need to contact the add-on developer.

yes, this not standart select button, thank you

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