Remove a default mark on dropdown field choices [RESOLVED]

There seems to be a really inconvenient and very annoying issue with previously set default choices in dropdown select fields. I can’t find any way to remove the default mark. Like not set any default choice.

My example.
I have a huge form with several dropdown fields using the template of all countries. So basically around 240 countries/choices. One of the countries in this list has been set as default choice in the past. And there’s a lot of conditional logic running in the background that goes into effect depending on the chosen country.
Now all I want is to remove the default mark. I don’t want to remove the default country (because I’d have to rework the conditional logic tied to this choice), I just want to set the field choices that there is no default choice anymore.
It sounds like such a simple task, yet it doesn’t seem to be possible. It’s so frustrating that I not only wasted a lot of time researching the issue, but it also forces me to write this post and wait days for a response or any helpful solution.
Seriously, why can’t we just “unset” a default choice?

At this time, I’ve found that a quick workaround for removing a default choice when needed is to…

  1. add an additional choice with any value
  2. set it as default for the field
  3. remove that choice

Ah right. That’s brilliant. Many thanks.

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