LIST field - default value

Hi there,

I created a form with a List field which hold 10 columns, out of them 3 should be a drop down, I managed to set it up with:

//set LIST question - YES/NO Questions

add_filter(“gform_column_input_1_5_4”, “set_column_does_representive”, 10, 5);
function set_column_does_representive($input_info, $field, $column, $value, $form_id){
return array(“type” => “select”, “choices” => array(
array(“text”=>“Yes”, “value”=>“1”),
array(“text”=>“NO”, “value”=>“0”)

it works fine BUT once I open a new row, there is no default value within the drop down (check image)

I tried to solve it by adding: “defaultValue” => “Yes” OR “default_value” => “Yes” to this function but it’s not working.

Any advice ? How can I populate the new row’s drop down fields with default value ?