Set a total product quantity limit?

A client is selling “tea time” boxes that will have to be physically picked up at a TBD location. There are only 150 boxes available. They already use Gravity Forms with Stripe to accept payments for event registrations, auditions, etc. so would like the process to be the same for this.

I know I can limit the form to 150 total entries, but is there a way I can enable the “product quantity” field on the form and then limit that to 150? Then people can buy more than one box without having to complete the form multiple times? Then when there are a total of 150 boxes sold the form would be replaced with a custom message like you can normally add to a scheduled form?

Check out Gravity Wiz’s Inventory Perk, it should allow you to do what you’re describing: Gravity Forms Inventory - Gravity Wiz

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