Seeking Advice on Creating a Marketplace with Woocommerce Vendors + Gravity Forms

I am building a marketplace where ideally vendors are able to manage their inventory via a front-end interface. Does anyone have experience doing this? I’m not sure how to tie all the pieces together.

I’ve done membership sites before where members managed their profiles using Gravity Forms and Gravity View. Now trying to take that experience and build something a bit more complicated.

In this case, I’m not sure how to pass a store designation automatically behind the scenes on my forms. Ideally, I don’t want to manually ask the person submitting a product to do that out of concern that they may pick the wrong one, especially if it is a long list.

Any suggestions or other advice? (Like you’re going about this the wrong way entirely)

Tech stack currently includes:
Gravity Forms with the Advanced Post Creation Add-On
Woocommerce Product Vendors

Thank you!