Running total/calculations won't show in designated fields on an Elementor popup, shows on normal webpage

I created a quote calculator using number fields that generate two live running totals as users enter numbers. The calculations populate in the Gravity Forms preview, a webpage, and even the preview/editing screen of the popup. I cannot get the running totals to show on the actual live Elementor popup window.

I contacted Gravity Forms for support to no avail. They recommended I contact Elementor support, which is only available to Elementor Pro users.

Has anyone else had this sort of issue or does anyone know what may be blocking the running totals from showing in the Elementor popup?

I’ve been working on this for days and cannot get to the bottom of it.

The issue with a Gravity Forms form in a popup (of any type) is that the popup that is embedded the form needs to include all the scripts and styles. That does not happen in Elementor Popups, which is why the JavaScript for the total does not work. The issue is the responsibility of whoever provides the code to display the form. Gravity Forms supports embedding a form in a post, page or widget, via the block, shortcode or function call. Embedding in an Elementor popup is not supported by us.

One thing that might help is to enqueue the Gravity Forms scripts yourself. There’s no guarantee this will work, but it is required when not using the block or shortcode to embed a Gravity Forms form.

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