Gravity Forms doesn't work inside Elementor Popup

i put a contact gravity form in popup content, popup runs well but when the form is submitted the form doesn’t provide a response (there is no success message/or if a required field is missed there is no error message). here an example: gravityform-popup • Hotel Kronenhirsch

Normally when a form is embedded in a pop up, AJAX needs to be enabled so the validation errors and confirmation are shown in the same modal. Have you done that? If not, I recommend checking with Elementor to see what they recommend. Thank you.

Yes, Ajax is enabled.
I have since also received support from Elementor with the following reply:

"I was able to replicate the issue and this is actually an existing issue with Elementor Popups.

The thing is that we have made Elementor Popups work with every existing feature of Elementor including our Form Widget (Pro) but there is an issue with third-party scripts/shortcodes which are not properly working inside popups.

Our development team is aware of this issue and they are working on to get it fixed. Hopefully, this will be fixed in a future update so you can use third-party scripts inside Elementor Popups.

At the moment, I am afraid there is no instant workaround available to fix the issue."

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Thank you for the update.

Hey Phillip,

Any updates on this one? I’m also facing the same issue.


Hey i actually signup to help fix this issue. stayed up all night working on it. Luckily got a fix by God’s Grace.

download this plugin

navigate to settings under popup anything, select include polyfill js file in the header and save changes.

Note: You are getting this error because of there are two version of polyfill.js loading in your website.

This should fix the issue. tryed it with elementor popup and now my ajax works fine.

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Hi, shaggy Wayne. I’m also facing the same problem and I tried your solution but when I try to add popup on Elementor button, Elementor only shows it’s own Popups to add. How can I add popups made by other plug-ins like the one you mentioned.
Thanks in advance.

Yes you just use elementor pop ups. You only need the popup anything plugin for the include polyfill js file in header. Everything should work perfectly.
And if you want to use the popup anything plugin, just click add popup and copy the shortcode once your done creating your pop up.

I have read this with interest because I have recently encounterd a similar problem.

I have actually been using GF v2.4 with no problem in an Elementor Popup, but since upgrading to v2.5 this functionality has stopped working. The JS to activate the AJAX for does not get initialized, so the form remains unseen.

What version of GF are you using these days?

I have also had issues with Elementor Pro and Gravity forms ever since Gravity Forms 2.5 was released. I have GF installed at the moment.

If I add a button with a popup containing a gravity form, not only does the popup not work, but the entire layout of the page gets screwed up and any videos disappear ( I cant even explain what happens).

I have also used the Elementor Tab and Accordion widgets, where I have used a template shortcode in each tab. As soon as there is a template with a gravity forms in it, the Tab/Accordion fails to work.

I hope they soon find a fix.

Same issue here.
I try any previous (Gravity Forms in Elementor Pop Ups · Issue #7245 · elementor/elementor · GitHub) suggest withouth success
Have 2.5.7

Any other solution?

Hi Echo. I recommend reporting that issue to Elementor or the author of the popup/modal functionality. Gravity Forms does not do anything specific that would allow or prevent a form to be embedded in a modal. It’s up to the modal solution to ensure that the proper scripts and styles are loaded to display the form in the modal. Thank you.

Hello, I have been experiencing this problem for a few weeks, I tried your solution but also several others that I could find on the internet. Nothing has worked so far. I have contacted Gravity Forms support who redirected me to Elementor support but so far I have no answer.
Would you have a solution for me?

Hi Samuel. The fix would have to come from the Elementor side of things. I recommend contacting them again or checking to see if they have any documentation that covers this issue. Thank you.

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