Routing for Notifications based on Drop Down Field "Starts With" Not Working [RESOLVED]

I found a bug (this broken experience is not any sort of expected feature that any respectable developer would release).

“Starts with” is an available routing logic option for notifications, but it expects only values from the drop-down. It should allow a free form text field to base the value off of for the routing logic of a drop-down field.

Hi @mikekormendy - thank you for bringing this up. We performed an investigation and it appears that of all the places you can configure conditional logic, a text input shows up properly for any of these operators: greater than , less than , contains , starts with , ends with , every where except routing is working correctly. The only place it appears to NOT work correctly is in the routing rules (if you have observed something different, please let us know.)

I opened an issue with the product team so that we can have this addressed in an upcoming release. The work around for right now, is to use multiple notifications and use the conditional logic setting at the bottom, where you will be able to use the greater than , less than , contains , starts with , or ends with operators to determine when a specific notification should be sent to someone.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. If you need anything else, please let us know.

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Your tests are also what I am experiencing.
I also came to the temporary solution of using multiple notifications with conditional logic as well.

Thanks for getting in touch with the product team.


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