Restrict dates on a date input for advanced notice?

Hey folks,
I’ve got a customer who is looking for relatively advanced stuff on their WooCommerce products.
The products are made to order, by hand. As such the producer needs 2 weeks notice before beginning a project. The customer also needs to choose a ‘collection date’ for said product.

How do I create a date picker on a form that only allows dates further than 2 weeks out to be chosen?

You can use the gform_datepicker_options_pre_init filter for that. Add an HTML field to your form, then paste this script in to it:

gform.addFilter( 'gform_datepicker_options_pre_init', function( optionsObj, formId, fieldId ) {
  if ( formId == 4 && fieldId == 5 ) {
    optionsObj.minDate = "+2w";
  return optionsObj;

Update the formId from 4 to whatever your form ID is, and then fieldId from 5 to whatever the field ID of your datepicker field is. Let us know if that works for you or if you need more assistance.