Is there a way to control when a customer orders a product?

I’m creating an order form for a client who is a baker. Is there a way to create the form so that people can only order starting from a certain date?

For example: My client needs at least one week notice, so when people put in the date requested, I don’t want them to be able to fulfill the order with the date as the same day. Does that make sense?

Hi Matt. Are you using a datepicker field, date field, or date drop down field?

Hi Chris,

I can use ANY you’d recommend. I was a little stumped in how to do it or find a tutorial. I’m hoping I don’t need to use a separate plugin.


Hi Matt. If you use a datepicker to allow your visitor to select a date, you can use this script to prevent selecting a date before any date you like (for example, you cannot select a date in the next five days.)

That example shows using the filter to prevent past days. You can change the ‘0’ to 3, for example, to prevent selecting a day within the next 3 days. Will that work for you?

That works great actually! I just put that in the advanced area?

See this article for placement of the JavaScript snippet:

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