Custom date picker with very specific needs

I am building a form where the user needs to be able to pick as many or as few days per week (mon - fri) during a specific 12 week period. There will be a couple days that are closed. There is also going to be a limit on how many people can be registered for each day. I am looking through different date picker plugins but so far none of them have had what I need. In previous versions of my form (outside of word press) I simply made a table for the 12 weeks and put a checkbox on each day. I would like a more sophisticated way of doing this.

I am looking into different hooks to make certain days closed but still struggling.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

The filter gform_datepicker_options_pre_init can be used to modify the datepicker element. Gravity Wiz also provides some good solutions for limiting dates - GP Limit Dates – and limiting the number of times a date can be selected – Gravity Forms Inventory

From your explanation, I think that even with those tools available, you may need a good amount of custom development around this.

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