REST API v2: Posting form submission with email confirmation field

I am using the REST API v2 to POST a form submission to a form that contains an email address field with email confirmation.

I use “input_2” to send the email address in JSON, but the API returns an error:

validation_messages: {
  2: Your emails do not match  

However, when I look at the form fields in the GET form request, there is no email confirmation field. It only shows up in the Wordpress interface.

When the email field confirmation input is enabled, you also need to include that input in the REST request, using input_2_2 as the key to the confirmation value.

That worked, thank you.

I am hoping to get the form input fields dynamically from the API similar to the way the rest appear in a form request. Is there a way to get confirmation fields to show up in those requests?

Sorry, there isn’t an endpoint for getting the front-end field inputs.

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