Rest API multi file upload

As far as I understand the muli-file uplaod for rest api is still not done.
I found the post from 2019 Upload a File to Gravity Forms Via Rest API - #9 by rorymheaney about it. And I saw replay from 2021.

So I’m asking if is there any one who was able to do it by some tricky way?
There is no problem with single field, so why not support multi field?
Just send them as a array like field_x[] or just as multiple field_x … ?

As you know, at this time, this is not possible. I saw that you or someone from your organization suggested this feature to our product development team. But I’ll leave this open in case someone has a unique workaround. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the replay.

It is a bit strange why multi file is still not supported since front-end node solution are more and more common.

In standard client side solution is easy, I can get gravity form simple ajax reqest and returning graivty form html (function gravity_form(…)), and almost all things just work. But in that case I can’t do it due to cross origin, gf iframe things etc, and I dont like to add jQuery just for this one case :slight_smile: I’m using this solution since about 2017, and this still works, if some one is interested I can share it. (example:
Rapportskjema - Norsk Musikkforleggerforening)

Any help from anyone would be nice in that case.
I’ll alos look into GF code how current single file upload works, maybe some hooks or something can be done to make it work. So if some one have any idea/clue where should I start, it would be helpfull too.


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