REST API - Add Key Not Working - Trying to Connect to Zapier

I am trying to connect my GF form to zapier. I have previously done it on another install, but it is not working on my current project.

When I click the Add Key button, nothing happens. I do notice when I hove over the Add Key button, the URL provided says: “javascript:editkey(0);” see the attached photo.

Host: WPEngine
WordPress: 5.8.2
GF Version: 2.5.15
PHP: 7.4
Latest version of GF Add-Ons
DNS: Cloudflare

I need to get this resolved so I can get connected to Zapier.

I tried using another browser, Safari…that worked. Must be a Chrome issue.

Hi jkarban3. Yes, there is an issue with WordPress authentication cookies and Chromium based browsers. I’m glad you found a solution.