Resizing Recaptcha?

Looking to resize the captcha on this page =

I’ve found some Google recaptcha code (below) but doesn’t seem to work in/with Gravity Forms. Please help.

.g-recaptcha {
transform-origin:0 0;

Edit: Better solution below.


Dang. This is one of those scenarios where it feels like there has to be a better solution but… in the name of narrow forms, this should work for you. :smile:

.ginput_recaptcha iframe {
    transform: scale(0.65);
    transform-origin:0 0;

Thank you so much! This worked perfectly! However, I will add that seeing the Captcha shrunk down is a tad odd at first. Hoping that Gravity Forms adds, or adds back, a ‘compact’ option to these within the backend. But, thank you again David.

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Ok, I couldn’t leave this alone. :sweat_smile:

Here’s a better solution that actually activates reCAPTCHA’s “compact” mode. I’ve added it to our Snippet Library here:

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