Demise of Google reCaptcha spy tool

As EU / California privacy laws become stricter and more ubiquitous, it’s time for Gravity forms to de-emphasize the lazy decision to emphasize the spying tool from google. Re-captcha, the screen snapshotting, spy device to know EXACTLY who the form user is and what Gravity Forms users are doing in real time needs to be de-listed.

Think Rocket Geniuses and use your help forums and methods to emphasize your excellent Honeypot, as well as other tools that are very capable to do the trick out there.

Make your users proud to have the best form creation software around by adding the best privacy retaining means to protect customers’ users.

Have you checked out our Cloudflare Turnstile Add-On?

It’s a great alternative. I’ll pass your notes about deemphasizing Google reCAPTCHA to the team. Thank you.

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