Reset password problem - Need help

Hello there
I run
I have a problem there about resetting the password. When a user presses the forget password link he/she gets an email with a custom link to reset the password. Unfortunately this link never opens! He/she gets the login page again!

I seach on the web for awhile and found a solution that this was because of the host cashing pages. I communicate to the host but they are not cashing in my program so this is not the solution.

Any ideas?

In a lot of cases, I have seen mail clients make a hyperlink out of the full string, including the closing > - that makes the link not work. You can see it if you inspect the link closely before clicking it.

This is a WordPress issue. Here’s one relevant trac ticket:

Ok. I understand.
Is there a fix? What should I do to fix this? what everyone else did?

We don’t have a fix for this. Gravity Forms uses a WordPress function to sent that email. The trac ticket is the relevant discussion for the issue. Until that is fixed, I don’t have a workaround.

I’ll leave this open in case someone else does.

ok I fixed the issue by following a fix in wp_login() that I found inside this threat you have pasted.

The issue is that my reset password feature still doesn’t work!!!
When the user follows the link for reseting a new password he sees the 'change your password" page for less than a second and at a glance he gets the login page again.
You can create an account at and try to “forget password” to see yourself.
Any advice?

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue: