Custom Password Reset Forms

Hey All,

Been a user of Gravity Forms for many, many years and I’ve always wondered why there is no ability to customize the Password Reset pages and process with the User Registration Add-On … since that is a large part of user management, it seems like a no brainer.

What is the preferred way of handling customizing the Password Reset process while using Gravity Forms? To this point, I’ve been using my own code for the entire process, but after doing it again I figured I’d ask why this isn’t a feature yet.


Handling the reset of passwords is not a feature of Gravity Forms or the User Registration add-on.
WordPress core reset password link is used for this purpose.

You can suggest to our product team any improvement or feature you wish using the (+) button at the bottom of our roadmap page: Gravity Forms Roadmap - Gravity Forms

That way your request will reach the product team directly and they will be able to consider your request and queue it in the workflow of a future version if it’s accepted.

Hello Samuel,

I’m not sure you read through what I wrote, but I am fully aware that User Registration Add-On does not handle password reset, hence “… since that is a large part of user management, it seems like a no brainer.”

I asked if there is a preferred way of handling this process without essentially hacking WordPress.

I will also add it as a feature request.


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