Not receiving "Welcome" or "Forgot Password" email from [RESOLVED]

I’m new to the GF community and have just purchased a PRO license for a website that I’m providing support to. I had not registered an account prior to purchasing the license and so have no login to the site yet. Upon successful [I’m assuming] purchase of the license, I received two emails to the email address that was used for purchasing the license. They had the following subjects:

  • Get started with your Pro License :+1:
  • What’s new from Gravity Forms? :rocket:

According to the documentation, however, I’m supposed to also receive a “Welcome” email that contains a link for generating an initial password to gain access to the GF website. I cannot find any such email in my Inbox, Junk, Spam, etc. folders. I’ve also tried using the “Forgot Password” link from the GF login page. It confirms that the email address is in the system and claims to have sent an email for resetting the password, but I do not get any of those emails either.

In order to submit an inquiry to support, I created a new account using a different email address. I received the “Welcome” and “Forgot Password” emails to the second email as expected and was able to generate a new password and log in (which is how I’m able to submit to this forum).

I’ve submitted in inquiry to support regarding the issue, but have not received any response yet.

Has anyone else had problems receiving some, but not all, GF-generated email? Is there another way to generate the initial password in order to log into my account in order to download the plugin and license key? What kind of turnaround time do most people see from support inquiries to GF support?

Thanks, in advance, for any insight.


  • Brett

Hi Brett. Please submit our contact form here and reference this topic and I’ll help you out. Our support hours end in about 10 minutes, but if you send this in now I’ll take care of it as soon as I see it.


Thanks for the response. Contact form submitted.

Hi Brett. I don’t see it. Did someone else already respond?


Yes. I had Samuel confirm that emails were sent and resent the code for creating a new password. Ends up being an in-house I.T. issue with email filtering.

Thanks very much for your assistance!


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