Resend email notifications - when we have Delete Entry Data after Submission


Does anyone know how to ‘resend’ emails that failed?

I feel like I could cry. Dozens of forms on our site were submitted in the last two days, but in cPanel it seems these didn’t send from my website due to a hosting glitch (550 Invalid sender) and I need to resend them but can’t work out how… Host isn’t being very helpful.
I use Gravity forms (with Delete Entry Data after Submission activated). I also use Post SMTP.

Does anyone have any ideas on a way to get them to resend?

Would love any advice / tips pretty please :slightly_smiling_face:

You can individually resend any notification from the individual entry view. Look on the right side. You can not only re-trigger notifications, you can send notifications to any email address. Handy when you need to test or troubleshoot.

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Sorry to hear you had such a rough roll out and hosting glitch :confused:

If you only have a few notifications to resend, the manual approach Bethannon suggests would be pretty quick. If you have a lot - or if you should encounter the glitch again in the future - Gravity Flow has a bulk actions option you could leverage. I put together a quick video going from existing entries, setting up the notification step, and how to use the bulk restart workflow option.

Hope it helps…

Were these entries that you need to resend notifications for already deleted automatically?