Notifications Send on Resend but not on Form Submit

At some point last year we noticed we weren’t getting notifications from form submissions. I verified entries where hitting the database and even used the Resend functionality to resend the admin notifications, which worked fine, but the notifications are not sending on form submission. Any ideas? Thanks!


Hi Grant. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue as we are going to need more information.

Thank you.

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I would, but I am not the person with the registered license, I only volunteer for the organization, so your support system won’t let me put in a ticket. Is there a way to handle that?

In that case, without a license, you will have to troubleshoot on your own. I recommend starting with the documentation here:

The problem is most likely covered in that documentation.

Chris, thanks for responding. As I noted, I do have a license, it just isn’t in my name. Is there a way to get access to support in this scenario?

As far as troubleshooting goes, I’m able to manually resend the notifications through the dashboard with no issue so it’s not a mail sending problem, it’s specifically something about the form not sending the email on submit. I would think if it was an issue with mail configuration in general no mail would send?

Thanks again!

If you have the login for the license account, you can open a support ticket here:

With a license, but no log in, you won’t be able to create a ticket.

I recommend going through that document as it likely addresses your issue.

As for why resending the notification works, but not on submission, I don’t know. I have seen that before, but I have never determined why manually sent notifications are delivered, but the automated ones after submission are not.

Hey Grant, we noticed the exact same issue! We are opening a ticket now. I’ll let you know if we find out what the trouble is.

Thanks, that would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Any word?

Hi Grant - sorry, I didn’t post again because I didn’t get anywhere with it, either. They basically said it is nothing they can help with, isn’t caused by Gravity Forms and that I should discuss it with my web host, who also says it has nothing to do with them.

One thing that you might want to check - I’m not sure what type of email provider you’re using to RECEIVE the form submissions, but try double checking any filters you might have. I ran into something similar using Gmail where I have a number of filters setup, and without my knowingly having created it, made a filter that was instantly trashing GF form responses! Sounds ridiculously stupid but it did happen to me, haha. So it wouldn’t hurt just double checking that to see if there’s any possible filtering or spam issue going on.

Sure hope you get it fixed on your end soon.

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