Require English as the language when filling out a form


This might be a strange request, but we are having people fill out our forms in a different language, and what they type is not relevant to what we serve. So, I am uncertain if they are testing our forms for errors or what. How do I force the English language to be the only acceptable language?

For example, today I received another form of where they wrote “Et et incidunt distinctio Quos placeat magnam lorem nihil qui consequatur saepe in doloribus sit cupidatat” in English it means “And there is a distinction between those who please a great deal, nothing that results is often in pains”. They also put their name as “Totam repellendus E Dolorem itaque quisV” which means in English “Who, therefore, should be repulsed from all pain?” This has nothing to do with intellectual property.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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