Forms not working on a language swapped page

I have created a forms in English and then duplicated it and then translated the labels in French. The forms are then placed in a PHP template.

Each page has its text being swapped out based on the language of the page. The forms are displayed using the following code:

<?php if ( $lang->display == "en" ) { gravity_form( 3, false, false, false, '', false ); // English form } else { gravity_form( 8, false, false, false, '', false ); // French form } ?>

For some reason forms that appear on the French version do not work. The data is not submitted and there appears to be no error generated. The page just refreshes and clears the form.

All form work on the English pages, but not on the French pages. In theory the pages have all the same content just different text.

Examples on a testing site are:

Any idea what is different on the French page from the English version that is not allowing the forms to work properly?

When embedding a form via the function call, you must also enqueue the scripts. Have you done that?

Skip down to the section “ Enqueue Scripts and Styles”.

Also, if you embed form 8 right into a WordPress page using the shortcode, does the form work correctly?

All forms work correctly on the English version of the page. All forms can not be submitted on the French version of the page.

This is both when embedded as a function call and when using a shortcode on the French page.

The code example I gave referencing forms 3 and 8 are for the Contact Us and Contactez-nous pages respectively.

Since the English version works (form 3) I added the following line to the header file above the wp_head():

<?php gravity_form_enqueue_scripts( 8, true ); ?>

No change for form 8.

I recommend opening a support ticket here for assistance