Rename Entry ID with prefix


i want to change the entry id of each submission. I’m using GF with Gravity view. Right now when a user submits a form the entry id is a number starting from one and going upwards.

In Gravity view it is displayed like this … where 28 is the entry id.

My goal is to add a prefix to the entry id like …/entry/MF-28 and in best case scenario its not starting from zero but from 1000 or something so it would look like /entry/MF-1028.

How can I archive this? The unique id plugin doesn’t seem to help to get this working.

Found this old topic ( Entry ID's « Gravity Support Forums ) but doesn’t seem to work for me

Hi Jawequo. The entry ID must be numeric in order for it to work with Gravity Forms. You can create another unique identifier in the entry using a format such as the one you suggested, but that would not be the entry ID.

Or, you may be able to do that with rewrite rules (in .htaccess or with your host) in order to redirect to

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