Post Submission + Single Entry custom URL

Hello, looking to start using GravityForms with Post Submission Function on Gravity Forms
It looks like On Gravity Forms you can create a page based on form entry and make it create a specific page link. e.g
I am wondering if this can be done with Gravity Views too. from the video it looks like when you click the single entry it takes you to a with URL /entry/ but is it possible to make this a page based on entry name?

*note I don’t want to use Advance Post Creation addon, just normal Post Creation on GRavity Forms

Hello @los911,

I’m not sure I understand your question. Please clarify what you are trying to achieve with more detail.

If you are looking to customize the View URLs, please check this out: Customizing URLs - GravityKit Support, Knowledge Base, How-To & Docs

Let us know.

Sorry, I don’t think I explained the question properly but I think you have the right end of the stick

Say when I a user submits a form a page is created called <---- This would likely be possible with Post Submission Addon

My question is whether this can be replicated using GravityViews URL. I know that it creates a separate entries page `/view/entry/123/ and the link provided says you can change /view/ and /entry/ can you also give it a custom name based on form title rather than a number?

Yes! The information on achieving that is in the same doc I shared earlier. You’ll need to use the gravityview_entry_slug filter.

Awesome, it makes sense. However really struggling to see how this code can translate to

@los911 ,

You won’t be able to achieve that specific URL. You can replace /view/ with /projects/, but you’ll still need something after to replace the /entry/ part.

The entry ID can be replaced by /title-of-form-submission/ with the gravityview_entry_slug filter.

Thanks for the reply again.
That makes sense sense.

Regarding /title-of-form-submission/ how do I base this on a changing field in the entry form.
Eg. user submits an entry on the form with a field (title) called Dallas and another user submits with one called Washington. Is it then possible to get this to appear as and <-----this is something GravityForm Post Submission can do but wondering if Views can too

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