How do I edit: "You have previously submitted this form"

I have strung a bunch of forms together to create a risk assessment.

I am using Gravity View to enable users to up-date their original entries but I would like to take them from the message “You have previously submitted this form” - with a link - directly to the Gravity View where they can make their update.

Where can I edit the “You have previously submitted this form” message and insert the link?

Thank you in advance.

“You have previously submitted this form” doesn’t seem to be a string provided by Gravity Forms, which makes sense because restricting how many times an user can submit a form is not a feature of Gravity Forms. Maybe you have some Gravity Wiz’s snippet or add-on enabled to limit submissions? If so, I would recommend you to contact with Gravity Wiz support for advice.

Hi Tim,

You can create a link to the Edit Entry page of GravityView by using the [gv_entry_link action=“edit” entry_id=“x” view_id=“x”] shortcode, but you’ll need to know the entry ID if you are going to use this shortcode outside of GravityView.

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Hi Rafael, that makes sense but given multiple users, how do I dynamically populate the entry_id field?

Thanks Samuel.

Hi Tim. I recommend opening a support ticket with GravityView if you need help with that. It may be quicker than waiting for a reply here. Thank you.

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