Remove media query in form

I inherited a form which uses image-choices. It works well in the original language but in the translated version ( with WPML ) a @media query appears with a width: 18% which messes up my layout on mobile ( squishes all the images on one row next to each other.

In the Chrome DevTools I can disable the width: 18% !important; but where can I do this in GF?

Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see your form?

Also, for anything related to Image Choices, have you already contacted the support for Jet Sloth?

Sure, General | Kwadraad Tevredenheid Pick the first option in the dropdown to see.

Thank you. I see the form, but I believe you will need to contact JetSloth for assistance with that CSS. I will leave this open in case anyone is able to offer a solution. Thank you.

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