Dropdown won't retain width [RESOLVED]

Form: https://wernickmethod.org/covid19-vaccination-card-submission

Using drag-and-drop columns, I have a dropdown field (WM Class or Camp) set to use 50% of the available width, and two text fields each using 25%.

However, it always defaults to 25%. It briefly appears at 50% when the page is refreshed, but then reverts to 25%. It shows correctly when looking Styles & Layouts. There are no settings in place via Styles & Layouts.

This was resolved by GF Support: "There is a rule in the theme that is applying a display: inline-block rule to all select drop down elements. Ideally, the theme would restrict that style only to elements it intends to target. You can remove that rule or override it on Gravity Form select dropdown elements by placing the following custom CSS

body .gform_wrapper .select2-container {
  display: block