Redirect to a subpage after form submission


Is there a reason why we can’t select a subpage as a redirect option after form submission?
The page option only lists parent pages.

Hi Montix. When using the Page-type confirmation, and you have the dropdown of all your pages, the subpages will be listed, although they are not shown in any hierarchy, so they may not look like subpages.

For example, here is the page listing showing the second post is a child of the first post:

On the Form Confirmation page, you can see that the child page “Dynamic Population with urlencode” is found when searching for a page to redirect to. It’s not immediately clear that this is a subpage.

If you are having any other issues redirecting to a subpage in your form confirmation, please open a support ticket here: Log In ‹ Gravity Forms — WordPress

Thank you.

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