reCAPTCHA and Signature problems in my form [RESOLVED]
Hey, I have a form where the Signature field and the Captcha field aren’t working. I tried updating all my gravity plugins but that didn’t do the trick. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Hi Kenneth. One problem (I don’t know if there are multiple problems yet: this needs to be fixed first) is that form 11 is embedded in the page twice. That is not allowed in the HTML spec because the element IDs will be duplicated, and element IDs must be unique on a page. That is why the reCAPTCHA is not working. That JavaScript error could also be what is preventing the Signature Add-On from working as well.

Please remove one of the copies of form 11 (and ensure that no single form is embedded more than once in this page) then test the form. The reCAPTCHA should work. And if that JavaScript error is what was preventing the Signature Add-On from working, then the Signature panel should show again. If everything is not working after removing the duplicate form, please let us know and we’ll take a look for other JavaScript errors. Thank you.

Thank you very much, that fixed the problem. Case closed.

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