Read data from external mySQL - DB

Hi all,

Initial situation: I have a price list (products, description, price, etc.) in an external MySQL database. I would like to read the external DB (e.g. using an SQL statement) from an independent WordPress instance with GF and fill it into e.g. GF - dropdowns or other elements.

Where the data are stored after submitting the complete form is secondary (WP or mySQL).

Can GF establish the connection between WP / GF and the mySQL-DB to address my requirements?

Thanks for your support …​


Hello Hansjürg. The data collected by Gravity Forms is stored in your WordPress database by default, after form submission.

To read from another database to populate fields in the form, you can use this method:

You will need to establish your own connection to the external database, instead of using the WordPress function get_posts() as shown in the example above. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hello Chris

Thanks for the quick reply. For a non-programmer , this looks complicated to a non-programmer, but I will deal with the topic more intensively …

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Hansjürg Arnold
Managing Director

You will need some programming to accomplish this. If you need to hire some help, we have some resources listed here: