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I can’t seem to figure this out. I’ve created a trivia quiz and enabled “Instant Feedback” in the quiz settings. It contains mostly radio button questions with the field-related option “Enabling answer explanation” on. It works as advertised: wether I click on the right or wrong answer, I instantly get the explanation text I prepared, and I can see which answer was the actual correct one.

But I also have a few checkboxes questions. The same field-level option “enable answer explanation” is enabled, yet when I confirm my checkboxes choices it goes directly to the next question.

Is there a way to make this work as intended: when I submit my answers, a green tick or a red cross should appear on the answers and the explanation text should be displayed.

Furthermore, I actually believe it would be better to disable the “instant feedback” option, but my understanding is that it also disables the “enabling answer explanation”. Any way to have the best of both worlds?

Thanks in advance for your answers! I wish I could reach out directly to the support team but I’m not the holder of the license we’re using, just a simple contributor, and my webdesigner is currently unavailable…

Boris, the instant feedback feature currently only works with the radio button type field. So not seeing the answer explanation after clicking the checkbox is expected. You could still see answer explanations in confirmations/notifications.

You can suggest to our product team any feature you wish using the (+) button at the bottom of our roadmap page: Gravity Forms Roadmap - Gravity Forms

That way your request will reach the product team directly and they will be able to consider your request and queue it in the workflow of a future version if it’s accepted.

Hi Samuel,

thanks for the answer. I understand the instant feedback is limited to radio button fields, so that’s OK. However, what I can’t seem to do is to provide the explanation when I validate the checkbox type questions.

You hint at confirmations/notifications. Could you point me in the right direction?


Showing the answer explanation before submission relies on the instant feedback feature, so for checkbox type questions the answer explanation can be shown only after submission.

For example adding {all_quiz_results} to your confirmation or notification content will show complete results for Quiz questions including the answer explanation for any Quiz field.

OK I think I get it. I could make a conditional logic confirmation that displays the correct answers and explanation and it will be displayed only after I submit the form.

But what i need is to have the explanation between 2 questions. I guess I could add a page with text or HTML and insert the explanation. But what if I wanted to have a slightly different message, according to wether the question has been answered right or not?

Let’s say my first question is “what countries have sent a man to space” with checkbox answers:
To anyone who answered correctly I’d like to have a short message saying “Correct! Here are all the countries who sent a man to space: XX, YY, …”. And then go to question 2.
If the answer is wrong I’d like for them to see “Wrong! Here are all the countries who sent a man to space: XX, YY, …” and then go to question 2.

Any way you can do that with Forms?


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