Product Field Mapping is missing

Hi everyone,

I am trying to recreate a form with a single product and on the original form I can see that one of the fields has a field called Product Field Mapping where you can attach your form to a specific product but I cannot see this option in my form.

Anyone know why this is? Or how I can access this Product Field Mapping that would be great.

Many thanks

Hi James. Can you share some screenshots of what you mean? I’m not familiar with that functionality in the same terms, so we may be calling the same thing by two different names. Share as many images as you can highlighting what it is you’re referring to. Thank you.

Hi Chris here is the screenshot.

I am guessing this is how you connect your product to the Gravity form? When I tried to create a form earlier I could not see this option.

Kind Regards

That screenshot shows the settings available for the Option type field. Product type fields don’t have that setting.

Richard how do you set what appears in the Product Field Mapping box?

Think of option and quantity type fields as “child” fields. They have the product field mapping setting so you can select which product type field is their “parent” field. Product type fields are the “parent” fields so they don’t need the setting.

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