Previous "link" to display in description [RESOLVED]


Is there a way to create a “previous” link that can display in a question’s description please?

I have a long form with many pages, at the top of the second page it displays a warning if a user enters their date of birth as their booking date (ie age calculates 0) on the page before, and tells the user to go to the previous page to update their birth date. I was hoping to put a ‘link’ there instead of asking the user to scroll to the bottom of the form and click the previous button. (I can’t put the warning on the page before as the age calculates as 0 until the user enters a dob so all visitors would see the warning by default… and I’ll make that a separate question :upside_down_face:)


You can copy the Previous button HTML from the page source code and paste it into a HTML field in your form.

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Thanks you! Wow didn’t expect it to be so easy :pray: