Poss AJAX issue ---> form not working

Hi there. I’ve been trying to beat this issue and having no luck.
On submit the button logs ‘gform is not defined’ and the spinner just spins, form doesn’t progress

I have ruled out caching via plugin, and caching in the theme itself (Divi). Error persists when theme is turned off (using Twenty Twenty to test, error the same).
All other plugins are turned off - no change
I’ve attempted to manually enqueue the scripts for the form id with via the header as per the docs, but no dice…
Error is same on local and hosted site
Have also tried the jquery migrate helper plugin solution but no change
Plugin Version 2.5.16

Error is thrown at this function when user tries to progress - it seems to be an inline script tag at very bottom of page. I’m not sure how to progress from here. Any help appreciated


This is an up-to-date licensed copy of Gravity which I am working with on behalf of the client. I can provide a URL if that’s of any use.

To reiterate, this is not working using a default theme and no other plugins, all caching removed.

Can anyone help out on this, is the question clear enough?

Hi I’m trying to send a tech support question but the form wont send. Ha pretty ironic.
Is there an email I can use?

gform is not defined is a javascript error meaning the scripts are not enqueued correctly, this is a common error when you’re embedding the form using a third-party solution instead of the default WordPress editor.

It’s hard to help in this case without having more details about your site and being able to check your form page. So it would be better to submit a support ticket.

I’m unable to replicate any issue with our support form, also we’re receiving other customers tickets without issues. Please try using a different browser and don’t paste log contents or JS in the message body.

Hi thanks - yeah it is just being added via a shortcode into the standard Wordpress editor.
The Tech support form worked for me so have send a support ticket now