gform.initializeOnLoaded is not a Function on Version 2.6.3 [RESOLVED]

In one of my client website, I found this error on backend. When I investigated on google there were some answers but those answers were not working with this version.

then I personally checked the issues.

so the problem is gravityforms/assets/js/dist/vendor-admin.min.js these dist js are loading before plugins/gravityforms/js/gravityforms.min.js so var gform; is undefined for those first enqueued js files and then all these errors starts.

why this happenening?
I checked the code and found that wp_register_script( 'gform_gravityforms_admin_vendors' this registration should have 'gform_gravityforms' as dependency. Currently there is no dependency on that registration of script.

I hope Gravity form team will test this solution and apply a good fix in future versions.


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Hi Vijay. Thank you for the research. Were you experiencing any problems on the site, or did you only notice the errors in the console?

Sorry for the late response.

I had this issue on website backend while editing existing forms. I was unable to edit any form fields due to those errors.

After applying suggested dependency solutions, all the errors were gone and I was able to edit the fields normally.