Photo uploads not uploading to media library

I have set up a form and would like images to automatically upload to the media library. The upload function is working and a copy of the image is sent via email, but the images are not being uploaded to the media library. If I use the Post Image upload option, the photo does upload to the library, so I know the function works. The site is a membership site so the page is private, but here is the link: - The maximum upload size is 2MB per image or 20 MB total allowed. The server is set for a maximum upload of 256MB. Any suggestions on how to get this to work?

Hi Terri,

You can use our GP Media Library Perk to import uploaded files to the WordPress Media Library when the form is submitted.

I thought that uploading to the media library was already a function that Gravity Forms can perform - is it not? I am not looking to add another premium plugin as the budget is very limited for this site. Thanks.

Hey Terri,

Out of the box, only the Post Image field will save an uploaded image to the media library. A standard File Upload field will not. If you didn’t want to purchase the Media Library perk mentioned by Samuel, you’d need to write custom code to achieve this.

Here’s the basic gist of how to do this: File Upload - Add to "Media Library" « Gravity Support Forums

Here’s some custom code that actually does this for a Custom Post File Upload field, which you could modify to work for a standard File Upload field instead: gravity form upload file to media library and use attachment ID in custom field · GitHub

Thank you Jake - I appreciate the information!

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