Attaching file from photo library vs taking new photo

Our techs are filling out Gravity Forms out in the field, all with iPhones. They are required to send a photo of the problem they are seeing.

I’m using the Post Image field.

What we’re seeing when our techs click the button, it gives them 3 options.

Photo Library, Take Photo or Video, and Choose File (…nobody uses Chose File)

If they send a photo from their Photo Library, the image preview does NOT show in the email.


If they take a photo, it does. (see below)

I can see on the backend all the files go into the media library.

What’s the difference? What’s going on, and is there a way to fix it?

Is this a WordPress thing, a Gravity Forms thing or an iOS thing?

have you tried this script

In both cases, we’re attaching .jpg files…so it’s not the file type that is the issue. It’s the way iOS OR gravity forms treat attached files vs a new photo.

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