Phone Number Validation on Android - not working


The phone number field restrictions are not being enforced on Android phones. Does anyone know of a work around?

Thank you

Can you share the URL to the page where the form is embedded?

Also, have you tried performing a conflict test using these steps or using our debug add-on to perform the test without disrupting any site visitors.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the message. This is the URL:

We have not tried these routes you mentioned, but certainly can and will. In the meantime, I wanted to mention that this functionality is working as expected on every other device and platform that we are aware of, so it seems very specific to Android and the length restrictions on the phone number field.

Hi Chris,

We tested with the debug add-on and still experienced the issue. We were using a Browser Stack free trial to test the Android phone. Please see attached for the debugging test on Browser Stack.

Can you please open a support ticket here so we can dig into it more?

Thank you.

One thing you can try before opening a support ticket is to use these steps to check for script conflicts on the site:

Looking in the HTML source of the page it looks like there is some custom JavaScript being added and that may be causing the issue on Android.