Permalink Conversational form does not work

In PERMALINKL: I entered a page that does not exist or I left blank, but nothing works
it’s always the same answer under the field that is displayed:
The permalink you entered is already being used by another page on your site. Please enter a different permalink.

What can I do?

Thank you


I recommend opening a support ticket and including your system status report:

Thank you.

I’m curious if you found a resolution to this issue. I’m facing the same issue.


Chris, I am having the same issue. ANYTHING I enter is kicked back with this error.
“The permalink you entered is already being used by another page on your site. Please enter a different permalink.”

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I recommend that anyone having an issue with the permalink settings in Conversational Forms open a support ticket here:

Thank you.

If anyone is having trouble setting the permalink in Conversational Forms, please post if you are using Apache Basic auth or any other password protection for the site. Thank you.

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For anyone else wasting a ton of time on this, I ended up doing this and it works slick:

In case you need a quick option with no added plugin (that doesn’t work right, haha!)

I’ve submitted a support ticket as I’m using the Members plugin by MemberPress with the “Enable Private Site” setting enabled.

I figured out that, as a workaround, it works when I temporarily disable the “Enable Private Site” setting of the Members plugin. I can then save the Conversational Forms settings including the permalink I desire.

After switching back to “Private Site” mode by re-enabling the Members “Enable Private Site” setting, I can then continue to modify the Conversational Forms settings without the permalink check being triggered again.

So the private site is publicly available for a very brief moment only to set the permalink for the Conversational Form.

Would be awesome if the permalink check will work with plugins like (the widely used) Members out of the box, but this is a very acceptable workaround for me for the time being.

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