PayPal Checkout with Product 'User Defined Price'

Hi there, so we builded a form with Paypal checkout only (without credit cards)
And we get a glitch which fires when we add Product field with ‘User Defined Price’
We have a lot of feedbacks from users which says “We can’t enter more then 9$”
What happens:

  • user start entering a value of donations
  • when user enter first number of amount
  • an js event is triggered ( ‘change’, ‘keyup’, ‘keydown’ not sure)
  • this event is run a script which renders a paypal button
  • in render function I found another function which disable all inputs in the form
  • so this functions is interferes a normal entering of amount
  • user should click to the field again and edit value

P.S. I resolved it only with additional functions which triggered by events on the other inputs to add value to the custom amount field.

Hello Yegor,

This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next release which should be out in the next couple of weeks.


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