Passing Gravity forms responses to user accounts [RESOLVED]

Hi there

I’m looking at using gravity forms to gate some content on a Woocommerce site.

Basically a user has to provide details of an illness before they can view and buy associated restricted products. This is done with a form and conditional logic to point the user depending on answer.

Is there any way I can “save” the users answers and write them to the order if they go ahead and buy?

Any help or further reading greatly appreciated.


Hi @gav

A plugin I wrote might help you, as I used this for a similar need.

Please review my docs and demos, and LMK if you have any questions.

Cheers !

Hi @gav

Populate Anything by Gravity Wiz will do the trick for you. It needs a Gravity Wiz subscription, but well worth it in the long run.

This is great, thanks both for your responses. Think I’m going the Wiz route this time as there are a couple of other features I could use.