Pass table data to Gravity Forms field

Hi all
I have a table of 44,000 aviation parts. When a customer searches and finds the part they need I would like to be able to add the part number to a form they can submit for a quote.
Any suggestions?

Hello. It sounds like a good candidate for the Populate Anything plugin from Gravity Wiz:

Without that, you would need to custom code something to pull from your table and allow the visitor to search.

If the table does not change much, or at all, you could use the “Bulk Add” feature of a drop down, to allow you to paste in your 44,000 parts. That would result in a drop down on the page with 44,000 items in it. To allow for searching by typing, you can enable the “enhanced interface”.

Please note that the Enhanced UI does not work on mobile devices, and it’s also not accessible. See the notes here: Accessibility Checklist for Gravity Forms - Gravity Forms Documentation

Finally, a drop down field with 44,000 items to select from could create a form that is unusable due to the sheer number of items.

If you have any other questions, please share them here.

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