Pass hidden or obfuscated parameters to dynamically populated form

How can I hide or obfuscate the parameters that are sent to the dynamically populated fields?

I am creating a form that allows users to email a business owner through a Directory created with GravityView. I’ve created a link: Contact Business

That creates the link as I need it to fill out the dynamic fields: Contact Business - Easton Park Wiki

These parameters populate in hidden fields that I use in the notifications. They are not seen by the user in the form.

However, I do not want the email or owners’ names to appear in the URL, but still populate in the hidden fields. So I want to know if there is a way to obfuscate the parameters in the URL. Or, pass those parameters to the other form in a different fashion.

I hope I’ve explained this clearly. Let me know if you need more specifics.

PS. I don’t know if Gravity Wiz’s Gravity Forms Populate Anything perk will perform this. But I do not see a way to contact them about a pre-sales question.

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