Partial Entries + Gravity View Bug? - Created By User Changes on Update of Partial Entry

Hi Gravity Forms Team! Wanted to submit a potential bug for your review.

Expected Behavior: If the “Created By (User)” field is already set for an entry, it stays constant on future edits

Actual Behavior: “Created By (User)” is changed to the currently logged in user upon update

This issue occurs when:

  • an edit (in Gravity View) is performed on an entry previously ‘saved’ by Partial Entries.

  • Partial Entries plugin is enabled

This issue DOES NOT occur when:

  • during a Gravity View edit on an entry created and saved by using the standard “Submit” button on the last page of a form.

  • during a Gravity View edit if the Partial Entries plugin is disabled; regardless of if the original entry was submitted using standard “Submit” or a partial Entry

  • During a back-end Gravity Forms Edit (Forms->Entries->Edit) on a partial or regular submission entry

I’ve noticed that only on a Gravity View edit to a partial entry does the following function trigger in debug:

GF_Partial_Entries::maybe_save_partial_entry(): Updating existing partial entry. Success.

This function does not fire when an edit on a partial entry is (successfully) edited in the Backend dashboard.

As you can’t replicate the issue using Gravity Forms core edit feature, you will want to report the issue to GravityView developers.

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