Partial Entries Add-On to push data to Zoho updates?

Hi @chrishajer Any news from the documentation team on the partial entries for Zoho CRM FEED? Wanted to ask you about it in the previously opened thread but it was closed on the 6th of November. I went to visit the gform_partialentries_post_EVENT documentation page, but the example was not added so far, and today I bumped again on a similar request and it would help a lot to have the example available somewhere.

Thank you!

There’s no update on the documentation front. I will bring it up to the team again. Thank you.

A solution that you may want to look at John-Mark is the Gravity Flow plugin which provides support for feed-based add-ons to be triggered as a step. Including for partial entries which this documentation page covers the setup for. If you already have your Zoho CRM feed setup, setting up the partial entry trigger the feed to run as step should be pretty simple, but our wonderful support team are available in case you have more detailed questions to get it working.


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