Paragraph text/text area question

Hi, I’m still fairly new to using Gravity Forms. I have a form on a page that allows a user to write a message in a text area. When the submit button is clicked the message carries over onto the next page via a URL parameter and displays over an image to give it a gift card look. The only issue that I’m having is the number of lines on the initial text area does not carryover to the new page. It will display the text, but it will look different because it has a different amount of lines.

So I was wondering how I could go about ensuring that the amount of line or words per line is maintained?

Here are some screens of what I mean:

Hi Jordan. I think in order to preserve the line formatting for something important like the layout of this, I would use multiple single line inputs, and send them over to the second page individually. Would that work for you?

Interesting, I didn’t even think to do that! Thanks!

If that works for you, that would be good. Anything else I came up with was way more convoluted than that!