How can i have the field and text in one line please?

I am trying to build a form in gravity but I am unable to have field and text in one line. When I put a field between the text, it pushes the text down into the second line?

please see this and advise. I need to build a form like the following.

I ______________, dfsdfsdfsdfsd sdfsdfsdfsdfdfsdffdh _______________the sdfsdfdsfsdfsdfsdfdsfdfdfdl sddsfd ddf ssssfr _____________sdfdsfsdfsdfsdfdfsdfsdfsdffsd

Hello Tahir. There is no feature in Gravity Forms that can make a form look exactly like that. Those are sometimes referred to as MadLib style forms. We don’t have that style by default in Gravity Forms, but it can be accomplished with some CSS. The demo no longer exists on our site, but it’s still archived here: